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Mark Fenton - Engineering physical activity back into American communities and lives

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Conference Keynote/Plenary Session

Typical time: 45 to 90 minutes.
Leaders from the public and private sector are very interested in a message which ties one of our greatest current public health concerns--the rise of sedentary lifestyles and their associated afflictions--to another topic of great current interest: the creation of more livable communities. The breadth of the topic can include: current health and fitness recommendations; the benefits of a healthier work force; cost-effective, long-term activity promotion; modern development, suburban sprawl, the call for more sustainable communities; the need for responsible environmental stewardship and preservation of open space; the development of trails and greenways. These popular presentations resonate with practically every listener as these are issues that are in so many of our lives right now.

Presentations can range from visionary to very practical depending on the audience's interest. One of Mark's focal points is on building interdisciplinary partnerships, for example across the public health, transportation, and environmental advocacy realms, as this approach has shown great promise in this field nationwide. Mark can guarantee an engaging session because the topic is of relevance to everyone, and when possible includes an entertaining and thought provoking PowerPoint slide program.