Mark Fenton - Engineering physical activity back into American communities and lives

Mark Fenton

Mixed-use development, housing above - retail below, Columbus, IN
Mixed-use development, housing above - retail below, Columbus, IN

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Mark Fenton speaks regularly on topics ranging from how to create more liveable, sustainable and successful cities and towns to delivering innovative personal health and fitness programs for employees and community members. Mark frequently consults with public health, planning, and engineering agencies and private firms on creating more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly communities. He also works closely with work sites and schools to help create healthier settings and more active populations. Following are five typical formats through which he delivers his work, but will happily work within your time constraints and needs to fulfill your specific goals.

Importantly, all of the sessions offered can be customized to suit your specific needs. For example, Mark often starts a fitness walk by first speaking about the elements of a livable community and how important they are in helping citizens adopt healthy, active lifestyles. (The same can be said of the work place.) Then during the walk the group can explore efforts in the area to improve its walkability. The session can conclude with a discussion of using pedometers as motivational tools and awareness builders for community members. Such a combination fitness walk and walking audit is a powerful device in building people's awareness and desire for change.