Mark Fenton - Engineering physical activity back into American communities and lives

Video clips of Mark in action

A concise summary of why building a world for free range kids is my driving passion. (< 2:00)

How to Lead a Walk Audit w/ Mark Fenton – Prevention Speaks (4:00)

Walk Audit in Oak Park, IL, with an interview (8:00)

Mark’s tips on inclusive inter-disciplinary walk audits, with the National Coalition on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD), Birmingham AL. (~3:00 mins.)

A great community project example: Weslaco High School students repaint a key crosswalk with the Weslaco City Public Works team’s support. (3:19).

Elements of a walkable community, and the three Ps of intervention: programs, projects, and policies (2006, Ames IA); (< 7:00).

150 person walk audit with several participant interviews, South Bend, IN; (5:40).

Fenton’s comments to the Everybody Walk Summit regarding winning battles but losing the war; Oct, 2013; (6:00).

Fenton’s succinct statement on the premise of healthy community design; why we need it, and what it takes to get there; Des Moines, IA, Oct 2014. 5:00 minutes.

Fenton facilitated urban walk audit, and brief interviews with participants, community advocates in Queens NY. (6:00)

Walk Audit in Dyersburg, TN, brief overview of a real workshop in a small community (< 4:00).

Quick overview of a walking summit along “The Link,” a pedestrian & bicycle corridor, Springfield, MO (< 2:00).

Three stories by Mike Lanza that tell you how Mark spends some of his time when not advocating for walk-, bike-, and transit-friendly communities:

Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim hike south to north and back in a day! (Includes a quick 2:34 video with some great images from the hike.)

Presidential Traverse across New Hampshire’s White Mountains – covers nine summits named after presidents, roughly 20 miles. (Includes a terrific 7:31 video.)

John Muir Trail seven-day thru-hike of the 220-mile trail. Includes a great video photo montage set to music (2:50).

Proof that Mark’s been committed to this for decades, check out these segments his 2000-2002 PBS TV series America’s Walking, and meet some early advocates for more walkable communities:

Urban planning for walkability, with examples from Dallas, TX. (9:40)

Visit America’s bicycling capitol, Davis CA, with Tim Bustos. (5:55)

Wheeling WV launched “Wheeling Walks” to make itself a healthier and more vibrant city. (7:50)

Congressman Earl Blumenauer's efforts to create livable and sustainable communities. (10:29)

One teacher's efforts to improve the safety of an intersection near a neighborhood school in Santa Anna, CA. (10:09)

Cleaning up Chattanooga, TN and creating places for active living. (5:14)

Codman Academy Charter School in Boston made walking and physical activity a centerpiece of their curriculum. (9:10)